Saturday, March 26, 2011

Restaurant Supply

My hubby was been a chef cook for more than a two decades. His passion of cooking is very admirable that supported his love ones. He is planning to build his own restaurants and right now he is saving up some money. Running a restaurant business is not an easy task to do. It requires proper planning and knowledge about the restaurant business.
Since I want to help him. I was wondering if I could start browsing some kitchen supplies and buy the equipments and I could just rent a storage for it. I don't want him to know because I will do it as a surprise for him. I am the best when it come to my search. I have unique techniques to determine which store or company that is reliable with good quality products.
With my effort and determination to find the right store for kitchen equipments or restaurant supply, I found tiger chef store that is very outstanding of providing extensive products and services. Yes I am so lucky to find this online restaurant supply. I just made my order for my first set of refrigeration and freezer and I can't wait to have them soon. My storage is ready and I am anxious to see how I will gather everything that my hubby needs on his future restaurant.

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