Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why called Love!

What is love to you? how do you define it? how do u describe it? Its easy to say love is kind, not jealous, trust etc. Its easy to say i do love you dearly we are for life no break up, no divorce or annulment honey,baby,darling with all those endearment how cute isn't it?!!! but what does it takes to have this genuine love? What is love to you folks? Is it companionship? just for lust? need care? because of beauty? admiration? hu its confusing right? I got two people who is close to me just fall out of love, they conquered and traveled so far promised to each other that no one could come between them. But along their journey the magic that used to spark vanished, the music that used to play a melody stops....... they get lost and all they hear is a roared like thunder in the sky, hatred, blame!!!...why? whose to be blame? Today my thoughts are jumbled and confused... why people fall in love and sometimes fall out of love? why why why????? do we need to have reasons to be love and full in love to someone?

1994 a remarkable sappy love story movie "when a man loves a woman" with Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia inspired me to write. An airline pilot who deeply in love with his alcoholic wife, his wife dilemma is threatening their marriage, their kid safety and even both of them. This movie reflects to some issues in some marriages. Alcohol simply destroy and bring huge enigma to ones life especially to married tremendous effect & inflicted to each of their inner self.

What does it take to be a good wife? what does it take to be a good husband? Every one should watch the movie it gives enlightenment to couple whose undergoing some crises on how love of this movie keep the couple strong and steady. How they accept ones fault and resolved the problem...

No one, nothing is perfect nor faultless.
Questions like; what if your partner is alcoholic?what if your partners in life is polygamy?what if your partner posses character that is not pleasant?what if? what if? do u think your love is enough to conquer it? To vanquish this odds??? ask yourself???

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paul said...

marriage, love are just words to some people,when it starts wrong it will usually end wrong.
are you honest with each other,are you expecting too much from your mate or are you in a dreamworld
look thoough rose colored glasses,and everything red will be off colored