Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wonderful Tonight

After resting for few minutes me and husband decided to go to the store and buy some stuff for the kitchen and the ingredients that i needed for my chicken cordon bleu. I cant wait till saturday comes am starting to figure out what else i could make for desert too. But anyways while husband is watching the premier of MC Hammer i am here in my desk trying to recollect my thoughts, but i think i need to join him watching the show since his been calling me to join him. mmmmmmmm baby!!!! there he goes again.

Anyways this is my first time here thank God with this new found friend of sharing this amazing blog sites. It lead us to value every detail of events in our life. Now i learn to appreciate every little things and put into a concept to remember. Anyways before we went to the store the weather was bad its so windy and the sky clamor with so much noise but good thing just after we step out from the door the sun comes out. Tonight before i go to bed i will drink some cup of tea with honey. Its been a wonderful day today for me hope you guys have it too!!!

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