Monday, June 15, 2009

Glad of getting rid of my pimples

Like other people am allergic too to some reasons. Few months ago i had a very severe pimples it was such a break out...I thought I couldn't get rid of it since i tried most of everything. Till one day my husband asked the pharmacy lady of some pimple solution...... after like a week of using this product my face started to get clearer and softer, it was such a miracle.

Until now i never found what caused me to have those acne, am trying to figure out what was the cause of it some causes filling in my head like hormone changes, weather, food, soap, that increased of oil production in my skin etc . But anyways the least that I should feel is be happy because am now blemish free.

This picture was taken like few months ago am amazed with it...i asked my hubby if i could get one and be my pet hehe that's so cute!!!

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