Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are you a friend or a Foe

Are you a Friend or a Foe?
I was delighted when I first met you,
We resembled a lot like my sisters and my bro
My trust and hope was given to you
Notes of love notes of trust for me and you
But sad to know you falsely fake as my hero
You cheated and forsaken me! You stabbed me to the fullest!

You hurt me and pushed me as much as you do.
Shared thoughts and secrets u used it as your bow and arrow
You said you will keep and listen to me but u did not do
You lie you pretend and suddenly you let me fall out from you
U tell false story and hatred begin to spread.
Friendship is fading away, leading to get astray
Its lost and gone falling into pieces and no one try to look into

Your back! your back like an angel saying you are sorry
Now this time are you being true?
Please if its yes prove me and show me
Coz i ain't no play no game no play
Time may healed but i ain't forget
The pain you had me scarce like death.
Questions in my mind rambling whispering me!
Are You a friend or Foe?

1 comment:

paul said...

keep your friends close,but keep your enemies closer