Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Off

Its my husbands day off today but we got up early this morning for our scheduled appointment.We finally speak for the lady about the business that were about to kick in, but we got some apprehensions! were not certain if we go with their company. Anyways when were heading home his son called us if we could met them to 9 mile and pick them up. Hubby need to use the restroom first though, so we headed home first then picked sam jr with his girl friend.
We went straight to the restaurant and got something to eat with them, while where eating i received a voice mail telling me about some interview hmmmmmmmp its a furtive appointment for right now ssssshhhhhh.

I chatted with my mom/dad in laws for little bit they are very sweet and kind to me, am great full i got them even though were miles away.Can't wait to get there with sam and spend with lots of momentous time with them.

Anyways while am here writing and recollecting my thoughts, husband and the kids are having fun watching tv. Think need to join them and replenish its getting warmer here in my room. Need something to drink!!! later guys.....

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Donnalyn Weir said...

wow! I hope that interview will goes well for you. I am happy u!