Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Slowly In a an Icy Road

It's blizzard last night and I wasn't able to drive in the morning to go to work. Hubby wont let me drive so I humbly asked my co-worker to pick me up if she can. She picked me up but she wasn't able to drive all the way in my parking lot because she was scared to be stuck ed. I guess I should have drove myself today but anyway I will tomorrow. Its pretty icy and slippery but I will just slow down as I can and manage my steering wheel completely. When I get off from work today, I warm-up my car and take off the snow around it. It was pretty cold outside and I had a bloody nose after staying for 15 minutes cleaning my car. I wish we have two garage car and I can put mine. I will just drive slowly tomorrow and be cautious. Good Night everyone!

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