Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baptism of Hubby

We had a blast dinner at Asian Cafe last Thursday. The elders, me and my husband dine in our favorite restaurant. It was my husbands baptism and I can't explain how delightful I was. It's a huge deal in our marriage to put Jesus Christ in our life. I noticed that our marriage is growing pleasantly and going to church every Sunday contribute a lot. As a human being we have agencies on what to do or what to choose. But I am glad because I was able to bring my husband to church and be cleansed again. The elders in our church helps us a lot to grow more and understand the scripture.

Baptismal is a key to follow the commandments of God and I certainly believe that being obedient is a requisite. I cried when I hug my husband. I was so happy and proud of him. I had a speech but unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it because my eyes and my tongue coherent to each other. I was so emotional and can't think what to say next.

I am just so proud that my husband did a good choice. And we will try to keep the path of the righteousness and put God in the center of our marriage. Am proud of you my husband and heavenly father and Jesus Christ is proud of you too. You got the gift of the Holy Ghost now!

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