Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keep Your Privacy

What is the secrecy of our own privacy? Many of us now don't really know the true essence of privacy. Some invade their own privacy without knowing it by carelessly posted their pictures in different sites publicly. Or even have their family arguments in the most famous networking site face book. We all know face book and I am disappointed to some of us who posted their thoughts or pictures without thinking the effects. I don't add random people in my face book account, il make sure that I know the person before adding them. My pictures are mainly for my friends and can't viewed publicly. If I have troubles I barely express my thoughts and if ever, I don't create a chaos and make it as an issue. A thought of advice...if your a family think many times before arguing in face book. It is very unethical and disrespectful to show to the world that your family is debating some stuff that in the first place you guys should the only people to know. Keep your privacy and be smart enough...

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