Sunday, May 15, 2011

Get a job even if it's a minimum wage

The economic crises affects the people globally. Some people lost their jobs and struggles on their finances. Me and hubby is not making millions and we are not earning minimum wage either. We make good but we still have a back up plan in case the economy will get worst. I am making money in different ways. I used my talents in writing and for that I am making money online through advertising. I also work as a full time resource teacher, a janitor in our franchise cleaning business and sometimes a driver and babysitter lol. Sound funny but that's what I do. Yes I have a bachelors degree but when it comes to working I am not picky as long as it is decent. As long as I can do it.

I talked to a childhood friend today and she goes " I stopped working because I don't make a lot" So she is now a full time mom struggling, sending her three kids to a private school. They own a barbecue store and she manage it with her husband. I guess if she did not stop, two income will be coming in the household every month. Sometimes people are so needy. They want too much...but they did not consider their qualifications. People think differently but I guess if we are too realistic to view life, we can manage our finances without struggling. So a tip for anyone who want to get a job. Be realistic...if you need to get a a job with a minimum wage then accept it. Some income is better than no income. Eventually you will have a raise or a promotions. Who knows!

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