Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Before it was canceled, Ugly Betty was one of my favorite TV shows on ABC. I started out watching that show on DirecTV Satellite from
. What made this show so amazing is that they come up with some of the best guest stars. In it's prime, the show had some amazing cameos.

My favorite cameo had to be Lindsay Lohan in Season two. Lindsay played an old high school rival of Betty's. I think this was a great role for Lindsay because she is talented when it comes to playing the mean girl in a movie or TV show. The chemistry between her and America Fererra was great. They complemented each other nicely.

Lindsay's character began working at Mode magazine, adding more friction between herself and Betty. This also meant that Lindsay had a three episode gig. It was sad seeing her go. She was definitely one of the best guest stars that appeared on the show. It was a great move on the producer's part.

Sadly, the show ended at the end of the third season. I have never forgotten these episodes. They were among my favorites of this series' run. They were the last great projects of Lohan's career.

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