Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New House

The article written by Alonso Kramer

Our new house is everything I ever imagine it would be and more. I can’t wait until we can afford to furnish all the rooms but we upsized so much on the place we didn’t even have enough existing furniture to make it a home! I love that we’ve got not one but TWO extra bedrooms for company and Jimmy is loving the backyard.

I went to www.texaselectricityproviders.com reviews the other day to look into energy in the area and I’ve also been thinking about calling someone about the driveway – it’s cracked and it really bothers me because the rest of the house is so perfect. Anyway, I can’t wait until this place is done to the nines but I know that will be a while since it’s so far from perfect. But the bones are good and it won’t take long for me to decide what kind of finishes I want and what types of colors I want to put in there. It’s going to be great!

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