Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Animal Lover

Author: Joseph Sandoval

Ever since I was little I’ve had a passion for animals. I knew that when I got older in some way I would find a way to work with animals when I grew up but I knew I couldn’t really be a vet since I can’t stand to see animals sad or hurting. When I was 30 I opened up my own stables way out here outside of Dallas and it was amazing! I get to make my own hours and work with horses all day every day which is pretty much my dream come true. I had to do a lot to get this place off the ground like working with my brother who’s a contractor to build the physical stables and go to since I had so much new square footage to cool in the summer. I had to hire an extra stable hand to help me keep the horses exercised and the place clean and even brush up on my accounting skills. Owning my own business is harder as I thought.

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