Saturday, August 8, 2009


Father in laws & I thoughts read it and tell us what u think........have fun reading

Why are we never happy? I want to be tall,i want to be shorter,tanned,bleached,
fatter,skinnier,older,younger,blond,red head, brunette,smaller nose,bigger eyes, I could go and on,but,I think you get the point.

When will we realize that we are just what God wanted when he put us here. Each of us must understand that we are one of a kind,yet a rainbow would be dull with one color,not much of a forest with one kind of tree. Can you just picture a neighborhood, city,state,or country where everyone looked, acted, thought and felt alike?Can you see eating the same meal day after day,wearing the same clothes, working the same job ? Man would not survive one generation.We could learn a lot if we look back at the small child.

He is exploring every thing not worrying if his clothes are right, if he gets angry
he is over it in a short time and playing with the same kids or things.
We tend to worry about what others think,trying to satisfy everyone is a spiral
down hill. If each of us accept who we are and strive to improve our place in the
world, our rainbows would be the most colorful,and our forest would be the thickest
and our world would be the greatest.

Folks life is like a rainbow, each color represent the mode & the atmosphere...or else life will be so dull and meaningless. We will not appreciate black if we are all white, we will not appreciate white if we are all black. We are born with uniqueness and that identifies us of who we really are. With variety and beyond the imperfections and differences we are still united and become one. Can you imagine if we have the same color the same faces? would you like to be look like me? i don't think so... no one is a like even the identical twin now tell me are you satisfied of your looks that God has given to you? tell me let us know........


Dorothy L said...

I so love every word of this post. We are Unique and each one of us has a part to play in this book called life.

Unfortunately too many people are focusing on all being the same...that being the 'Perfect' image.
They are trapped in a world of wanting to look like an image that has been falsely presented as reality.
It is a very sad thing!

paul said...

I hope there are a lot of Dorothys in this world

Krishna said...

I quote from what you wrote, “Just recently I encountered some issues and dilemma towards a dear friend. I have no other outlet but to express it through writing... I was hurt, furious and almost filled with hate but I overcome to it through writing. Thank u for a very outstanding remarks, u just simply encourage me to express more and develop my skills...”

Love and affection experienced, expressed and felt by different people are at different levels, not the same. This level of intensity will be the same for any particular individual for all types of relationships, like love towards family members, loving a over or spouse, friend, or even loving pets. Some people are very intense while others are shallow in love/friendship, etc. Those who are very intense are hit the most when there is any problem with a friend or lover. Those who are shallow in their relationships are NEVER affected even if the worst things happen.

From the practical point of view intense lovers are always losers. The reason is you won’t find even 1% of people who are committed to their friends in the same way as you feel. The solution is to train your mind in such a way that you do not go to the extremes, that is, neither too intense, nor too shallow. You can do that, and if you do so, it will help you in the long run.

Need any help as you expressed in your comment?

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emie said...

everything was all well said and emphasize... i do appreciate and agreed your point of view... it is true most of the time even to our trusted someones they always come up with a questions that for me is so unnecessary...we cannot expect complete same thing in return. Most of the time its never been enough.

DebbieDana said...

Yes, I am very satisfied with what God has given me. I am not perfect....but I appreciate what I am and what I have. But I completely understand also those people who has alot of questions about life and themselves...I've been through that, I wished something that is not meant for me, but in the end...I learned to just simply accept what God has bestowed in me.

Debbie :)

emie said...

yes me too sometimes i come to a point to wish some things that i do not have or complaint of what i have and feel ugly with it, like lighter skin etc... put lotion that has whitening and stuff funny isnt it? but that was long time ago...its like i had cross with my identity crises. But now since my age and mind goes matured i fully accepted the reality of me and proud of what i have and what i dont have....

SHABI BK said...

a fact that everyone should understand