Monday, November 30, 2009

TQG bizniz kit.........FRAUD

When we don't authorized a certain transaction that means its fraud. Fraudulent scheme is very rampant today....they will hit to your account out of the proportion and you will wonder how did they got your information? We always checked our bills online and how much money we got and We was freaking out when we saw bizkit from TQG $99.00......Tell me if this is fair?

We figured out right away to call them because they have some 800 numbers..... but they said no were not going to refund the money and stuff like that...How could this people sleep at night knowing that they just screwed somebody's money. $99 dollars is almost like 4,800 in peso that's a lot of money already. Since they acted smart from us we decided to went to the bank and canceled my debit card because were pretty sure they will hit us again in a different way.

We are trying to claimed for a transaction dispute and crossing my fingers to get a refund. The bank find out that its not authorized transactions but I dunno. Authorized and unauthorized transaction will showed in our bank account and the manager find it unauthorized!!! My bank is trying to get the money back......Before I went to Texas a Filipina girl from California called me, shes 22 years old and promoting some business online. But I said no......After that a strange TQG online bizkit hit us the charge. gosh can't believe it....How did she or they get my personal account??? How did this people make out of this scam.....hitting people's money.....I hope they can't just run off...this kind of scam must be stop!!!!!

Folks you need to be alarmed because this might happen to you too....

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