Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looking Around

The article written by Landon Gilbert

I looked for direct tv packages before Christmas break because I knew the kids would be bored stiff here at home with me. I try hard to be the “fun mom” but at the end of the day it’s tough for me to really buckle down and do the serious stuff when I’m in the midst of being cool in my kids’ eyes…I don’t ever want to be bad cop if I don’t have to.

I love that I got to spend so much time with them the last few weeks but it’s nice to have the house back to normal since it’s much more quiet and manageable around here when it’s just me and the dog. I love that there are so many activities to keep me busy during the day but I really have a hard time balancing everything when the kids are here under my feet although I do like being able to bond with them even if the laundry’s not done and the kitchen’s not clean.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Searching for Savings

Thanks to Lemuel Craft
In these tough economic times we all need to be a little bit more creative about how we save money. Three years ago my husband and I both had full-time jobs and were able to live a pretty comfortable life. One day everything changed when I was laid off from my job with no notice or severance package. We would have liked to sell our home and move into a smaller place, but since the housing market was so lousy, that wasn’t an option. We would have had to take a hugeloss that we couldn’t afford.
We had heard from a friend here in Texas that we could get a better electricity rate so we started looking for electric companyrates. We also downsized our cable and internet packages and I started clipping coupons for groceries. I never thought I’d be able to save so much money clipping coupons but that has been huge. We know we’ll get through these tough times and that things will get better. We just need to stick together as a family and give each other the support we need.

Snow Storm Colorado

We closed the center early today. Only few workers and children were able to came to work due to the bad weather. One of the worker in the other center was running off the road and good thing she was safe and was able to stop eventually without hitting any car. It is very nasty outside and good thing hubby put the car in the garage. He didn't need to shovel and clean our car when he goes to work tonight. I am glad I got off early today and got a chance to clean our house, work my other errands and rest but I guess tonight we still need to go to the party of our friends house. We need to cancel the baby shower tomorrow because of the weather. I guess this is one of the worst snow storm I experience since I live here in Colorado. The weather here in the states is just so extreme that it is very hard to control. The snow outside is pretty but not safe to drive.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New House

The article written by Alonso Kramer

Our new house is everything I ever imagine it would be and more. I can’t wait until we can afford to furnish all the rooms but we upsized so much on the place we didn’t even have enough existing furniture to make it a home! I love that we’ve got not one but TWO extra bedrooms for company and Jimmy is loving the backyard.

I went to reviews the other day to look into energy in the area and I’ve also been thinking about calling someone about the driveway – it’s cracked and it really bothers me because the rest of the house is so perfect. Anyway, I can’t wait until this place is done to the nines but I know that will be a while since it’s so far from perfect. But the bones are good and it won’t take long for me to decide what kind of finishes I want and what types of colors I want to put in there. It’s going to be great!


To make our schedules work, me and hubby tried to eat lunch together or else were not gonna see each other until at night. Working full time job is a good thing especially to this time of recession but it requires a little bit of management or else our schedules will be a mess. Me and hubby was been trying to lower down our bills and I am proud to say that he made it.

When I got home today for lunch I saw a bunch of grocery and guess what that's from his patient gathering his coupon. I am proud of him that he made such a good deal in all his purchases. I can't imagine how much he will pay without those coupon. Couponing is on of his new way of budgeting and I must say it works. I am proud of him really!!!

We have so much thing to do this year and one of them is for me to go back to school. I almost tried to stop going to work and be a full time student but I need my income so I will be doing my school online. Last year 2011 was such a good year for us because we had so much blessings and the highlights there was to buy our own house. I have so much to say if I will mention everything but I was just wondering how you guys lowered your bills? Please drop some comments and let's learn from them. Have a prosperous year 2012!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So many channels

Thanks to Jonathon Woods
I went over to my boyfriend’s house the other night and when I arrived, he
was in the middle of one of his home improvement projects. He told me to go
ahead and find something for us to watch on television and that he’d wrap up his
work so he could join me.I was so used to not having cable that when I went to
check out the directv channel guide, I was overwhelmed to say the least.
I had joined the 21st century and bought a flat screen TV a few years ago, but it was only 32 inches and since I didn’t get any HD channels, I had nothing to compare it to. I didn’t even know
where to start. I knew that we would both prefer to watch something on an HD
channel, but I didn’t know which hundred those began in. So, I decided to start
at 1. At least ten minutes had passed and I was still scrolling through, trying
to decide on something. He had managed to put away all of his project materials
before I could even choose a channel.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Greatly predicting the plot for Boardwalk Empire

Guest post written by Liz Bundy

I'm not really sure how or why I'm always able to do it, but I always know what's going to happen in the plot lines of my favorite shows. I guess that it's not a rare phenomenon or anything, but it still kind of freaks me out every time that it happens to me.

The thing is, I'm really looking forward to the new show Boardwalk Empire and have been trying to distract myself and keep myself guessing about all of this. While I was online looking up some info on this coming season, I saw some info on internet providers. After I decided to click here for more info, I changed over my home internet service to one of the ones that I saw with all that info.

I know that this Boardwalk Empire season is going to be straight up amazing. I just hope that it does a good job of following up on all of the greatness that we witnessed from the first season. Or elase I'll be pretty disappointed, but I don't think that will be the case.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Animal Lover

Author: Joseph Sandoval

Ever since I was little I’ve had a passion for animals. I knew that when I got older in some way I would find a way to work with animals when I grew up but I knew I couldn’t really be a vet since I can’t stand to see animals sad or hurting. When I was 30 I opened up my own stables way out here outside of Dallas and it was amazing! I get to make my own hours and work with horses all day every day which is pretty much my dream come true. I had to do a lot to get this place off the ground like working with my brother who’s a contractor to build the physical stables and go to since I had so much new square footage to cool in the summer. I had to hire an extra stable hand to help me keep the horses exercised and the place clean and even brush up on my accounting skills. Owning my own business is harder as I thought.

Monday, May 23, 2011

iPage webhosting

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